Our vision is making a solid contribution to a world where every person and organization has access to the benefits and opportunities derived from the Internet of Things.

Our roots

Nuveon was born in 2008 as a result of a long-term collaboration from its founders at the Interdisciplinary Institute for intelligent business processes (i3G) at the University of Heilbronn. Back then, before the Internet of Things (IoT) was a recognized term, nuveon set its foundations on the Wiki principles (open, simple, unified, universal and incremental) and how these could be used to transform the way software is developed, deployed and maintained.

Through continuous innovation and by staying at the edge of new technological developments, nuveon has evolved from its wiki roots into a full stack provider of Internet of Things solutions for enterprises.

Today, with more than 20 organizations operating nuveon systems in manufacturing-driven businesses, we continue to evolve beyond manufacturing activities and looking into how Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) will transform the way the world works. Our driving force is to bring in our two cents to make sure these technological developments create not only smarter businesses, but also a smarter world.

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Does it sound like we could be a good match? we are constantly looking for like-minded individuals and would love to hear from you.

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